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The Australia and New Zealand Business Association (ANZBA) was formed in 1991 to represent Australians and New Zealanders doing business in Taiwan, and to complement other organisations promoting trade, investment, and general relations among the three nations. 


Our mission is to promote the closest possible relationship between Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan by providing mechanisms for business networking, introductions, information sharing and social contacts. Membership is business led but embraces groups or individuals with government, education and social links to New Zealand and Australia.

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  • To provide a mechanism for business networking and support for Australia and New Zealand businesses and business people in Taiwan; and for Taiwanese businesses and business people with interests in Australia and New Zealand

  • To provide a social network for the wider Australian and New Zealand community in Taiwan

  • To coordinate with the Australian and New Zealand representative offices to promote business and cultural ties

  • To maximise effectiveness through extending membership and participation in events to a wide community with interest in Australia and New Zealand lifestyle and products, including but not limited to alumni, small businesses, past and potential tourists and those with business or family connections

  • To complement and cooperate with other organisations having similar goals

  • To disseminate information which enhances Member’s understanding of the commercial, legal and cultural aspects of conducting business and living in Taiwan.