ANZCham Christmas Party

Join the Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Taipei and for our annual Christmas party! This event is held in partnership with the Australian Office. 

Reconnect with the Australia New Zealand business, alumni and international community. 

Your ticket includes:

- Delicious buffet dinner

- Free flow of wine and beer

- Lot's of fun!



Salad bar | 繽紛生菜沙拉吧

- Salads (Mescalin salad mix, cherry tomato, cucumber, alfalfa, carrot)

- Dressing: Thousand Island, Mustard Lemon, Caesar

- Handmade bread

- 各色脆嫩生菜沙拉、櫻桃番茄、小黃瓜、苜蓿芽、紅蘿蔔

- 各式醬汁: 千島醬、檸檬芥茉籽調味汁、凱薩調味醬

- 誠品手工麵包

Antipasti | 精選冷菜 

- Cold meats

- Cocktail onion/pickles/olives

- Waldorf salad

- Tuna green bean salad

- Zucchini salad

- 綜合煙燻冷肉盤

- 調味洋蔥/小酸瓜/油漬橄欖

- 華爾道夫沙拉

- 鮪魚四季豆沙拉

- 義式節瓜沙拉

Carving Station | 現切肉區 

- Roasted pork with garlic

- 爐烤香蒜豬里肌

Hot Food | 精選熱食 

- Boeuf Bourguignon

- Fried chick with basil soy sauce

- Sauteed broccoli

- Steamed fish

- Fried rice Sakara shrimps and XO sauce

- Pumpkin soup

- 紅酒燉牛肉 

- 塔香醬燒土雞腿

- 清炒青花椰菜

- 樹籽醬蒸鮮魚

- Xo醬櫻花蝦炒飯

- 南瓜濃湯


- New York cheesecake

- Tiramisu

- Fruit

- 紐約起士

- 提拉米蘇

- 時鮮水果盤

Australian Alumni have access to a special discount rate thanks to the Australian Office (澳洲校友專用): 

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