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ANZCham Charity Bike Ride 2022

The Australian New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (ANZCham Taipei)’s annual Charity Bike Ride took place between 26 and 30 March this year. The ride started off from Taitung Chity, traveled all the way through Taimali, Shouka, Kenting, Haocha for five consecutive days and ended in Zengwen, Tainan, with a total distance of 534 kilometers.

The group was made up of 32 senior executives from Australian, New Zealand and 10 other countries in Taiwan, together with Mr. Brent Moore, Deputy Representative of the Australian office in Taipei. The trip aims to give back to the country we lived in. As well as, connect the foreign business community in Taiwan to the different local cultures and communities along the way while showcasing Taiwan’s beautiful and magnificent natural landscape.

The mission of this year’s ride was to support the community and cultural preservation work undertaken by the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Taitung Center and HaoCha Village Cultural and Health Station in Pingtung. The highlight of the ride was the donation events held at these charities on the first and third day of the trip respectively.

Through the donation events, not only do the riders get the opportunity to directly engage with the people and communities they are supporting, but also learn about the life and challenges facing these communities. The event at HaoCha Village was attended by Deputy Director-General Tsai, Jin-Wen of the Indigenous Peoples, Pingtung County Government; Legislator Chuang, Jiu-Hsiung of the Legislative Yuan; Township Mayor Galrimadraw of WuTai Township, County Councillor Maserebe. And Township Councilman Baru.

In the remakes given by Deputy Director-General Tsai on behalf of Pingtung County Magistrate Phuann, Bīng-an, he mentioned that Haocha village was the birthplace of Rukai people who are one of the 16 nationally recognised indigenous nations. It also suffered heavily during the Morakot typhoon in 2009. The tribe has relocated twice in recent years due to natural disasters.

In response to Deputy Director-General Tsai’s remarks, Deputy Representative Brent Moore mentioned that both Queensland and New South Wales recently encountered the largest floods in a century, causing more than 22,000 families to lose their homes. Therefore, it is especially meaningful to be able to visit and support Haocha village and the community.

The ANZCham Charity Bike Ride initiative first started in 2018. Since then, ANZCham Taipei has organised five of them. This year's riding distance and route are also the most challenging so far. Apart from the trade relations, Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan are connected through our indigenous people and communities. The chamber hopes to further strengthen these people-to-people connections through these cycling tours going into the neighbourhoods and tribes and give back to the communities on this island.

Lastly and most importantly, the chamber would like to express sincere gratitude to our sponsors for making this event possible, including premium sponsor:

and our event sponsors:

ANZCham and our sponsors are committed to supporting the local community that we love.

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