2018 ANZCham Charity Bike Ride


Never too busy to ride and never too busy to care


​The 2018 ANZCham Charity Bike Ride took place between October 13 and17. 30 avid riders led by ANZCham Chairman, Adrian Young, embarked on a five-day 472-km bike tour from the northern tip of Keelung, through east coast, and down to Kenting.

​The group consisted of many senior management of Australian and New Zealand organizations, including Gary Cowan, the representative of the Australian Office. Unlike other cycling tours around the island, this bike ride placed a stronger emphasis on connecting with local charities. Therefore, the tour took riders to the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families in Hualien and Chengkong Township in Taitung, as well as the Black Kids Café in Zhiben (Taitung) to make donations and understand the needs of the local children and young people. 

​The donation for charities came from our sponsors (ANZ Bank, Macquarie, Fonterra, Zespri, ANZCO Foods, Thomas Meat, Blackmores, and Crown Relocations). Their good will has made this bike ride not only a physical exercise but also an exercise of community love and care. 

More media coverage on the bike ride, please see:

1. Published by Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (花蓮家扶中心) 



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