“Future of Work after the Pandemic” - Adecco White Paper

Making the Next Critical Decision

The ­impact ­of ­the ­COVID-19 ­pandemic ­was ­felt ­in ­every­ corner­ of ­the ­world ­in 2020. International­ trade­ virtually­ came­ to­ a­ standstill,­ businesses­ put­ a­ freeze­ on­ their­ personnel­ budgets,­ economies­ went­ into­ recession­ and­ unemployment­ skyrocketed.­ The­ effects ­were ­felt ­in ­more ­than ­just ­the­ economy. ­The ­global­ labor­ market­ and ­how­ organizations ­work ­were­ greatly ­affected ­by ­the ­pandemic­ as ­well.

The pandemic ­is ­far ­from ­over, ­but ­many­ businesses ­worldwide ­are ­beginning­ to ­assess­ the­ changes,­ develop­ new­ ways­ of­ working­ in­ office­ places,­ and­ embark­ on­ the­ transformation­ process­ to­ maximize­ the­ productivity­ of­ all­ personnel. A­ new­ and­ optimized ­organizational ­structure­ will ­ensure­ their ­readiness ­to ­seize ­the ­initiative ­in­ the ­market ­in ­the ­fast-approaching ­post-pandemic ­era.

Conducting ­a ­survey­ on “working ­method­ before ­and­ after ­the ­pandemic”­ among­­ corporate­ workers­ across­ Asia­. The­ survey­ sought­ to­ explore­ how­ the ­COVID-19 ­pandemic­ was ­viewed ­by corporate ­employees ­in ­Asia ­as ­well ­as­ how ­their ­method­ of ­working ­has ­changed. ­At ­the ­same ­time, ­The ­Adecco ­Group­ Taiwan­ surveyed­ 805­Taiwanese ­employees spanning­ 4 ­generations ­to ­gage ­the­ response ­and­ attitudes­ at­ work­ among­ local­ organizations­ in­ Taiwan.­ The­ survey­ also­ aimed­ to­ identify ­any ­differences ­in­ attitude­ and ­values ­between­ generations­ in­ the ­face ­of ­this­ global ­turmoil.

Download here (Chinese): 後疫情時代:決策關鍵下一步│Future of work after the Pandemic

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