Annual General Meeting

This is a free members-only event. 


In accordance with clause 11 of the ‘Articles of Incorporation of the Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Taipei’, notice is hereby given to all Voting Members of the Annual General Meeting to be held on:

Sunday 31 January 2021 at 11:30 am

at 2F Woolloomooloo

The Agenda shall comprise:

  1. Review of 2020
  2. Approval of the Statement of Accounts for 2020
  3. Approval of the Financial Budget for 2021
  4. Approval of the Strategic Plan for 2021
  5. Approval of the nominations of Directors and Supervisors for 2021

Please note the following requirement of our Constitution:

The constitution requires that votes from at least half of the Voting Members, either in person or by proxy are obtained to form a quorum. Therefore, all Voting Members are urged to attend.  

If attendance is not possible, please contact Alex at and ask for a proxy form.

Directly after the AGM we will be holding our National Days Family BBQ more information can be found here