Wai'Ao Beach - Taiwan National Clean Up Day

*Please note as this is a free event we are unable to cater to dietary requirements*

[English below] 

領隊: Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce 

聯絡信箱: admin@anzcham.org.tw   



📍 Google Map 集合地點行車路線規劃  https://goo.gl/maps/kC7ZB7dzwGxLH47i6 


7:30-8:00 在台北車站車站(1廣場)集合 

8:15 區間車 4154 出發 

10:45 外澳海灘見面(外澳火車站對面)集合 

10:45-12:10 淨灘 

12:10-12:30 協助搬運垃圾到安檢所前

12:30 淨灘結束 

12:30 淨灘活動結束後歡迎到Drifters Pizza Pub享用免費的BBQ (感謝贊助商ANZCO Foods和Mr Sausage's Kitchen) 

14:30 免費小朋友的衝浪課 (TBC)



☑️ 請穿著包腳鞋,以免淨灘時遭利物刺傷 

☑️ 請著長袖衣褲,穿戴遮陽帽,做好防曬 

☑️ 請攜帶水壺,隨時補充水分,避免使用瓶裝水 

☑️ 若廢棄物太過龐大,請勿一人搬運、清理,避免受傷 

☑️ 注意並避免傷害海灘上生物以及植物 

☑️ 請全程配戴口罩 

🌿 主辦單位會提供清潔用品(麻布手套、烤肉夾以及專用垃圾袋等)   

感謝您一起做環保愛地球 🌏💚    


Team Leader: Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce 

Email: admin@anzcham.org.tw   

Location: Meet us at Wai'Ao Beach (Opposite the Wai'Ao train station)    

📍 Google Map   https://goo.gl/maps/kC7ZB7dzwGxLH47i6 


7:30-8:00 - Meet us at Taipei Main Station (Main Hall) 

8:15 - Train departs (Fuxing/Shuttle 區間車 4154) 

10:45 - Meet us at Wai'Ao Beach (Opposite the Wai'Ao train station)  

10:45-12:10 - Beach Clean up 

12:10-12:30 - Collect trash and weighing  

12:30 End of Beach Clean  

12:30 After the beach activities, welcome to join us at Drifters Pizza Pub for a free BBQ thanks to ANZCO Foods and Mr Sausage's Kitchen

14:30-15:30 Free surf lessons for kids (TBC)

*Australian Alumni Bus Service*

Thanks to the Australian Office we will have a free bus service for Australian Alumni (Taipei City > Wai'Ao > Taipei) sign up and details here: https://forms.gle/Ax4V3uvRCqz6XXua6


☑️ Please wear close-toed shoes to avoid injury while cleaning the beach 

☑️ Please wear long-sleeved clothes, wear a sun hat and sunscreen 

☑️ Please bring a water bottle and replenish water at any time, avoid using bottled water! 

☑️ If the waste is too large, please do not carry or clean it by yourself to avoid injury 

☑️ Pay attention and avoid damage to animals  and plants on the beach 

☑️ Please wear a face mask throughout and maintain good social distancing  

🌿 The organizer will provide cleaning supplies (burlap gloves, barbecue tongs, special garbage bags, etc.)   

Thank you for being environmentally friendly and loving the planet as much as we do 🌏💚!