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2023 ANZCham Business Awards

On 12 September, the Chamber presented the 18th annual business awards at the Shangri-La Far Eastern Hotel in Taipei to companies and organisations that have made outstanding

contributions to business relations between Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan.

The awards were presented by the Australian Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner John Madew, New Zealand Trade Commissioner Tina Wilson, New South Wales Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner Helen Sawczak, Queensland Commissioner Patrick Hafenstein, ANZCham Taiwan Chair of Business Committee John Duthie, ANZCham Taiwan Chairman Chen together with guests of honour Deputy Minister Chern-Chyi "C.C." Chen of the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs, Director Mark Pearson of the New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office, and Acting Representative Lachlan Crews of the Australian Office.

The Australian-related winners were:

The Australia-Taiwan Business Excellence Award – MMA Offshore

MMA Offshore is a leading provider of marine and subsea services globally. Which has been actively involved in the Taiwan offshore wind power market since 2018.

MMA has contributed to the construction /completion of numerous offshore wind projects in Taiwan, including the first commercial scale offshore wind project in Taiwan, the Formosa 2 Offshore wind project.

The Australia-Taiwan Business Partnership Award – Kanpai Group

Kanpai Group is the leading Australian chilled wagyu beef importer in Taiwan. It imports 50% of its wagyu from Australia, which accounts for 220 tons of chilled wagyu beef on an annual basis.

The highest grade of Australian wagyu it imports accounts for 20% of the world’s high-end Australian wagyu market share. Kanpai Group is now ranked No.1 in the world in terms of restaurant consumption of chilled wagyu beef outside of Japan.

The New South Wales-Taiwan Business Excellence Award – Clinico Inc.

For their achievement in representing ResMed in the Taiwan market.

They currently have around 12O branches across Taiwan supporting ResMed product. They are working closely with many teaching hospital sleep centers and collaborated with hundreds of sleep specialists.

They also invested heavily in educating the public about the danger with OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) working with Taiwan Society of Sleep Medicine (TSSM) in conducting many health education activities.

The Queensland-Taiwan Business Excellence Award – EverFine Industrial Co. Ltd.

Since year 2000, EFCO and Queensland-based Vtron have been focusing on embedded computer solutions with customized software development to provide highly reliable computer products to customers in Queensland and whole Australia.

The Young Entrepreneur Award – Gene Company

Gene Company is a Queensland based biotech startup company that specializes in developing novel RNA nanoparticle technologies to treat diseases of unmet medical need.

Gene Company entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Griffith University to develop and commercialize a novel RNAi drug candidate as a universal treatment for COVID-19 and other viral respiratory infections caused by coronaviruses.

The New Zealand related winners were:

The New Zealand-Taiwan Business Excellence Award – Comvita New Zealand Limited

Comvita is a B Corp certified NZ company that has rejuvenated their Taiwanese retail channel with their Taiwanese partners in FY 2023, Comvita has recorded a phenomenal 163% increase in Taiwan sales (excluding raw ingredient sales).

In the forth coming years, Comvita is looking to build an even more sustainable business model in Taiwan and continue to grow.

The New Zealand-Taiwan Business Partnership Award – Yen & Brothers Enterprise Co., Ltd.

In 2022, Yen & Brothers doubled its imports from New Zealand to US$1.64 million, with sales increasing by almost 45%.

They actively promoted MSC-certified New Zealand Hoki fish and Toothfish chin through over 320 Carrefour outlets, contributing to the growth of New Zealand seafood in Taiwan and fostering international trade between the two markets.

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