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ANZCham Charity Bike Ride 2021

Caption: Day 1 - the riders ready to set off on their 5 day adventure.

Over 10-14 April ANZCham Taipei led a team of 35 Executives on a journey cycling across Eastern Taiwan donating money to Charities along the way on the annual ANZCham Charity Bike Ride.

This is the fourth Charity Bike Ride, hosted by ANZCham Taipei, which takes our members and friends to rural areas to experience the local culture and natural beauty of Taiwan and give back to the place where we live and love.

This year our journey started in Taipei and we traveled through Luodong 羅東, Xincheng 新城 (including Taroko Gorge), Fenglin 楓林, Chishang 池上, and ended the Taitung 臺東 - cycling 480km+ over 5 days.

Along the way, we visited communities and branches of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) in Chongde (崇德) and Yuli (玉里家扶中心) and thanks to our sponsors donated NT$195,000 to support underprivileged youth and families in the region.

During the Charity event held at the Chongede Elementary school participants held a 1 minute silence to pay their respects for the victims of the Hualian Train tragedy. While there the group also learnt more about the local indigenous culture and participated in activites with some of the kids including weaving, playing instruments, and learning the local language.

We would like to give a special thanks to Stephanie Lee, Acting Director of the New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office and Tina Wilson, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Office for joining us at the Chongde Elementary School Charity event. Tina who is Maori (Indigenous New Zealander) was able to connect Maori and Taiwanese Indigenous culture through language and culture.

Thank you to our sponsors whom without this event would not be possible, including premium sponsor:

and our event sponsors:

ANZCham and our sponsors are committed to supporting the local community that we love.

Event Photos

Event Videos

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 1-5

  • Route video (TBA)

  • Highlights video (TBA)


Media links:

Neighbor Rider - podcast

ICRT radio interviews

  • Pre-ride: Tuesday 3 March 10:30 am

  • During-ride: Monday 19 October 11:30 am


新聞稿 - 中文

ANZCham台北市澳紐商會 Charity Bike Ride

破風雨 行善舉 千里熱捐近20萬至花蓮家扶




在活動開始前,紐西蘭商工辦事處李思怡Stephanie Lee代理代表、澳洲辦事處莫博仁Brent Moore副代表與澳紐商會攜全體參與者靜默一分鐘,為日前太魯閣號脫軌事件的罹難者、傷者以及家屬祝禱,而同為南島語族的紐西蘭貿易發展中心魏緹娜Tina Wilson處長,則是以毛利語和禱歌進行祈福,身為太魯閣族的臺灣大學社工系Ciwang Teyra教授也以太魯閣族語表達致謝。


紐西蘭商工辦事處李思怡代理代表表示,紐西蘭原住民族和臺灣原住民族同為南島語系,相隔千里但文化及歷史都有相似之處,歷史淵源深厚,未來也打算引薦更多資源進臺灣,一同關懷偏鄉地區的孩童。澳洲辦事處莫博仁副代表在致詞中也不斷稱讚臺灣的友善及豐富的文化,很願意介紹臺灣這塊寶地給外國企業認識,希望雙方未來能產生更多連結。澳紐商會蘇廷翰Peter Sutton理事也提到,在東岸騎乘單車是個令人著迷的體驗,也因重視偏鄉服務的價值,今年決定三度拜訪花東並與花蓮家扶中心配合,深度了解臺灣在地文化。




If you would like more information on the 2021 event or you're interested in sponsoring or joining the ANZCham Charity Bike Ride 2022 please contact ANZCham's Executive Director, Alex Matos at


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