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ANZCham Health & Wellness Committee

ANZCham Taipei held its inaugural Health & Wellness Committee Meeting on Monday 30 August.

The Health & Wellness Committee was formed to serve as the primary body within ANZCham Taipei relating to the Health and Wellness sector and reflects on the increasing collaboration between Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan.

The Committee’s mission is to obtain and exchange information, discuss relevant issues, share resources, expand networks and provide a platform to enhance bilateral relations.

Thank you to the Australian Office Representative, Jenny Bloomfield; and, New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office Acting Director, Stephanie Lee, for providing opening remarks.

Special thank you to the Committee Chair Maggie Kuo (Blackmores) and to the Committee Members for your commitment.


Committee Chair: Maggie Kuo, General Manager - Blackmores Taiwan

Committee Members:

  • Austrade (Ex-officio Member) - Duli Chang

  • Blackmores - Maggie Kuo

  • CSL Behring - Louis Liu - KL Wang

  • Cochlear - Jasmine Chen

  • Novotech - Angel Huang

  • NZTE (Ex-officio Member) - Peg Tsai

  • Orient EuroPharma - Frank Chen

  • TIQ (Ex-officio Member) - Sabrina Li

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