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ANZCham Taipei Flash Survey: Impact of Australian Travel Exemption Changes

ANZCham Taipei is aware of changes announced to the exemption criteria for travel from Australia for citizens ordinarily residing overseas. From 11 August 2021, Australian citizens and permanent residents who are ordinarily resident in a country other than Australia are no longer automatically exempt from Australia travel restrictions. They must apply for and be granted an outwards travel exemption and will be required to provide supporting evidence which may include:

  • foreign government issued documentation – foreign drivers licence, foreign government issued identification card;

  • evidence you have an established and settled home overseas – tenancy/residential agreement, utility bills, rate notices;

  • evidence you are employed or have ongoing business interests overseas – letter from employers/employment contract in a foreign country, business tenancy agreement.

Requests for exemptions must be made at least two weeks, but not more than two months, prior to any planned travel. Exemption requests should be made from the Home Affairs website – which will be updated to reflect the new requirements in due course Travel to Australia is already incredibly difficult for many of our members, friends and family, and we acknowledge the impact that these further changes may have on our members who are considering a trip back home. We will provide an update as soon as we have further details. To help us understand the impact of these changes, consider sharing your views in our Flash Survey here which we are holding in partnership with Chambers across the region. Please note that the survey results are anonymous and will be shared with relevant stakeholders.


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