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Condolences to the victims of the Hualian Train tragedy

Dear ANZCham Members and Friends

The derailment of the Taroko Express in Hualien County on Friday was a terrible tragedy. ANZCham Taipei, the Australian Office (AO), New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office (NZCIO) and Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade posted messages of condolences through social media to all those affected and to the people of Taiwan, and have offered support.

ANZCham Taipei has been greatly affected and we would like to encourage all members and friends to consider making a donation to the Ministry of Health and Welfare appeal in support of victims and families. We ask any members who choose to make a donation, to also e-mail details to so that our combined contribution can be tallied.

More information about how to donate in English can be found here (donations will be accepted until Friday 30 April).

Thank you for your support. Our thoughts are with all those affected by this tragedy, and with the Taiwanese people at this sad time.

Warm regards

Alex Matos

Executive Director

ANZCham Taipei

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