Zespri 奇異果「Say Yes! 就有可能!」

Say Yes! 就有可能!

On 25 June, we hosted the first Young Professional and Alumni workshop this year. For this event, we have the honour to invite Ms. Emi Chen, Marketing Manager, and Ms. Cathy Li, Senior Key Account Manager of Zespri 奇異果 to share their insight on food marketing and retail strategy in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, Zespri has gradually become a synonym for kiwi fruit and New Zealand in the past 20 years. Annually, Taiwan consumes around 200 million kiwi fruits. Therefore, also making kiwi fruit Taiwan’s no. 2 most imported fruit by value and Zespri one of the most well-known fruit brands in Taiwan. The Zespri system was often praised as a model for Taiwan’s agricultural export reform, including by President Tsai.

The event closed successfully and was made possible with support from the Australian Office in Taipei! The ANZCham Young Professional Program takes place on the last Friday of every month and welcomes anyone with Australian or New Zealand education or working background to join!